What are the best treatments for type 2 diabetes?


Thousands of successful cases have occurred through using Phytotherapi’s program for Type II diabetes. The successes seen are proof of the marvelous mechanisms the body has for self reparation and healing. Normalizing beta cell function and hepatic insulin sensitivity occurred through following the specific protocol used with the Phytotherapi program. Triglycerides in the pancreas and liver also decreased along with excess body fat. As a result the amount of healthy pancreatic cells increase and production of insulin improves. In addition, as fat around the pancreas decreased, inflammation around other organs – specifically the liver – also disappears; cytokine activities normalize and the immune system is strengthened. Many individuals who go through the program report eliminating medication within the first 35 days of using the program, saving them from both the secondary effects and damage drugs have on their body, and the money that is used to constantly purchase them.