Weight Loss



Eating too much sugar or sugar containing beverage are the main reason for obesity. When we eat too much of it, our body starts a mechanism to prevent our body from getting damaged by too much sugar. In this mechanism our liver plays an important role, it converts the excess sugar into fat and this fat is stored in adipose cells. If these cells get overfilled, inflammation starts and the organs such as the liver, pancreas, intestines and stomach can be damaged.

Symptoms like Stress can be one of the root cause to get fat. If our body will detect consistent stress levels, it will result in changing internal pH levels. This situation will cause two harms. The first problem is the important bacterium that helps to metabolize the food dies. These bacteria produce some essential enzymes and fatty acids by using the sugar we eat. The death of these bacteria affects our metabolic performance very badly. The second problem occurs when new bacteria moves into the area because they processes the food in a way that makes excess of simple sugar and that cause of more fat production. The additional problem is, these new bacteria eat the all nutrition found in foods, but leave few nutrients for our body. In these circumstances, people gain more weight, even if he/she is eating healthy foods.

• Address the root cause

• Activate natural processes

• Lose 25 – 36 lbs in 40 days

• Repair damaged cells

Weight Loss Management

Phytotherapy Stress, Essential Therapy and Metablic Therapi are the best solution for losing some pounds. Phytotherapi Stress is a process that balances the biochemistry of our brain. Addressing stress can help to restore the healthy pH levels and also helps in the returning of good intestinal bacteria. Metablic Therapi works by eliminating excess fat by mapping where there are inflamed adipose cells, and then it signals for body’s natural process that converts the excess fat into sugar for energy use. Metabolic Therapi is mostly used with the help of Nutritional Guide to craft the environment which makes this procedure more safe and effective to lose weight. Essential Therapi works by providing the every essential mineral which is required by the body to repair itself. You can see the results of this therpi in around 40 days by losing 25 to 35 lbs.


What Comes Next? Maintaining Weight Loss

After losing weight, it’s quite difficult to keep it off. In order to maintain a healthy weight we must follow the good nutrient foods and should avoid the sedentary lifestyle. This way you will not gain any extra weight instead you can lose few extra pounds. Eating healthy organic foods provide our body the capability it needs for our metabolism system to work effectively. After going through the Pythotherapi weight loss procedure, we should build a Weight Maintenance Food Directory to help us in maintaining healthy weight levels.