Respiratory Problems

Hard to Breathe

Process of taking in oxygen and repelling out carbon dioxide is affected because of respiratory diseases. These diseases are followed by tissue damage in the respiratory systems. It includes the nerves and muscles that control breathing. Respiratory disease includes acute to chronic infections. This problem is caused because of antibiotic, infections, pollutants and bad nutrition. It leads to immune system deficiency.



• Address the root cause

• Heal damaged tissue and cells

• Remove harmful bacteria

• Eliminate reinfection

• Open respiratory tract

• Alleviate stress

Breathing Easy Again

To heal the body Phytotherapi’s Respiratory solution uses Phytotherapi respiratory, Phytotherapi stress, Phytotherapi Infection and Phytotherapi Immune along with Renewal Therapi. Out of which phytotherapi Respiratory is made up of all natural plant chemicals. This helps to open the respiratory tract and removes injurious bacteria in the trachea, bronchioles, bronchi tract alveoli
and pleural cavity. To remove the possibility of re infection phytotherapi infection kills the encapsulated bacteria. Lack of oxygen flow is caused because of respiratory diseases which lead to increase in stress. Phytotherapi stress is used to restore chemical imbalance and decreases the stress. This is imperative as the chronic stress can change the creation of almost all hormones and it can have severe repercussions on the immune system. The renewal therapy allows proper production and function of tissues in the respiratory tract to renew the immune system.