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It’s really great to think about how well our brain is connected to the whole body. How and what we think this all directly impacts our health. For example, the level of stress that increases and goes up to chronic level can affect brain function connectivity. Anything from obesity to chronic inflammation or many other problems that can occur due to the level of inter connectivity between the brain and the rest part of the body.

When we talk about the healthy brain we cannot complete it without talking about the important cerebral biochemical. Starting from neurotransmitters to a variety of brain molecules and hormones all of them play a very important role in mental as well as in brain’s health. To know more about it here is the list of some bio chemicals that play very significant role in optimal brain health. You might be familiar with some of them also; it is possible that there are a few you never heard before. It is not the matter that you know about them or not, it’s good to learn new things about how your body works.

Neurotransmitters – Serotonin, endorphin, oxytocin, Gaba, dopamine and 45 other identified neurotransmitters

Molecules – IGF -1, VEGF, Glutamate, FGF2, BDNF, Telomerase, telomeres

Hormones – Adrenaline, norepinephrine, HGH, testosterone, progesterone, v Cortisol, estrogen, in addition to others

Brain produces biochemicals and the healthy balance of these biochemicals is responsible for the many positive feelings. We can say that the right balance of these biochemical creates the feeling such as being energetic, intelligence and compassion. They are absolutely significant for the health.

The condition when the stressful moments are not resolved the changes in biochemical takes place that produces a variation in the creation of these biochemicals. In these situations the inflammatory responses are activated by the brain with the purpose of healing and repair. Once a stressful moment is resolved an anti inflammatory mechanism is activated and our physiology and production of biochemicals comes back to normal.

The issues that are unresolved create many serious problems. It happens because of the inflammatory reaction that stress generates is activated by over approx 500 genes. The repeated inflammatory reaction creates internal disorder that spreads to the whole body and thus makes the body functioning difficult. As a result, we become unable to create any kind of balance in our minds or body. This affects our decision making. Also, cellular biology in our body is affected as production of telomerase is impacted that’s why cellular aging accelerates which makes us look and feel older than we actually are.

During the period when the neurotransmitters and hormones are produced in imbalanced proportions, the microenvironment of the body gets affected. Different toxins are produced and even at the genetic level, things get disrupted. All these factors, gene expression and create more toxins that harm the cells. The cells that are healthy respond by activating an inflammatory response, causing a cascade of inflammation that affects production of neurotransmitter and worsens the already imbalanced production of biochemical.

All these things result in illness that hinders the ability of the brain and body to function at the best level. For the good physical and mental health the regions of the brain – the neocortex, limbic and encephalic needs to communicate properly with each other. These are the interconnection that is responsible for allowing us to learn, have memories and being in the better physical and mental health.

To Be Continued…

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