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When I was about twelve years old I suffered from serious body image problems. At that time I also suffered from eating disorders and try to achieve what I felt was the fit body. Teenage years were too hard; as I am remember when I was moving to another city and started junior high without knowing even a single soul. Being naturally I shy, it was like going into den for me. I bring to mind looking at everyone else around me on registration day. The girls looked older and they wear tight clothes with wore makeup. According to their looks they like they had hit puberty and I did not feel that I can fit in at all.

Actually, my eating issue was started quite innocently. My P.E class has been just after lunch and we always ran. On the first when we ran, I threw up my lunch, it was just after lunch. So my stomach couldn’t handle it. The next day I did the same and was nicknamed “Barf Lady” by a girl in my P.E class. I was utterly shy and didn’t want that to happen again. One day I went to the office to see if this time schedule can be changed so my P .E class was not just after the lunch, but they couldn’t change it. So I did the next logical thing I didn’t take lunch. In this way I resolved my problem myself. If I was hungry in lunch time I only take couple of chips or candy ridiculously unhealthy thing. Suddenly my weight loss I s started.

I remember at a point enjoying the empty grumbling in my stomach indicating I needed to eat. As time went on I started seeing issues related to my body problems, no one would even notice. To me everyone saw my imperfections and in this way how can anyone accept me? Even when I saw in the mirror, I saw ugly. In the 13 year age I would eat the same or less than my 2 year old brother. Looking back and I am not sure how I managed to focus in school.

My fight with weight and food was continued through high school and I would often binge eat because I was so hungry. I wish that this problem will end after high school, but it I never resolved the problem. So the issues are continued into my married life and these things are difficult, especially after my 1st child. When I was pregnant, my food carving was unleashed so I ate whatever I wanted. In this way I gained close to 60 pound weight. I cried and cried when I looked at myself in the mirror. As my daughter started growing and I already had another child. I didn’t have enough energy to play with them. I was shocked myself and didn’t know how to be healthy. I started my old habits of not eating, but this didn’t help me in any way. There was so much information out there that I felt overwhelmed, but I knew I had to do something. What I came to discover is that health is a one of the thing that begins in the mind. Then I remember learning about eating 5-6 small meals a day to lose weight. I thought over eating was actually going to make me gain weight. At that point I finally realize that food was the enemy and now I want to feel good again. So this was my turning point.

Within three months I was able to lose enough weight with having energy level and eliminate my chronic migraines. I was very happy and I willing to share my weight loss experience with anyone. My main motto for writing this article is to clear you that for this condition only self perception and bad habits was stress. Sometimes stress causes changes in the body that can affect everything from hormones to metabolism. So there is no such way to avoid stress altogether, but can learn how to cope and reconcile from stress.

To Be Continued…

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