Know How The Brain Function Affected by The Stress



While taking about the functions of the brain, we have to keep in mind about both the physiological and emotional activities in the play. Physically we all know about the results of stress and the illness that comes with stress. To understand it clearly what we need to do is discuss all the 3 regions of the brain.

The encephalic part of the brain is dedicated to monitor survival and natural activities such as sex. The limbic region is responsible for emotional activities monitoring and hippocampus. Emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, anxiety and sadness are processed using limbic area. The information is captured using our senses like visual, taste and touch. Neurons are responsible to store the information in this region. We are capable to generate new thoughts by associating this stored information.

For higher intellect, wisdom, logic and reasoning the region that is responsible is known as neocortex (frontal). Here the new files are opened and it saves our experiences that are to be used in future to resolve and to interpret new events and episodes. Our conscience and principles are also bundled here. A lot of interaction is held between the Cortex region and limbic area. Signals are sent to the limbic regions that help in repairing the emotional damages that are created because of unreasonable thoughts.

All these regions are closely associated and they keep on interacting with each other. Good and well balanced interaction within these regions maintains the physical health. These all depends on our thoughts. It is very interesting to know that our brain can differentiate between logical thoughts and unreasonable ones. Good thoughts help in bringing the health to every single cell in our body. Our personality traits, qualities and deep feelings like empathy, humility and trust all depend on this balance.

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