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6 years ago, when I started my journey to gain better health, there was so much information and hard for me to decide where to start. I was feeling very tired and became overweight and no energy left in me to play with my children. The very first thing I did is just eliminated candy from my diet. I remember when I went to the bank with my girls. At that time they were four and one year old. The teller gave my four year old girl couple of lollipop. While coming back, she offered me her extra lollipop. But, I said no. But, being a four year old, she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. She further asked me to explain why I didn’t want the lollipop. I answered that I am not eating the junk food anymore. She looked at me with the expression of fear and exclaimed and said that “Mommy, why you are feeding me junk?” I decided at that time that this needed to be a family priority. Since that time, I have used to find some practical ways to maintain healthy eating; I would like to share with you.

Tip #1 – Get rid of your junk food

Go through your freezer, your stockpile or wherever you have kept your food. Bag up whatever is junk and remove it from your stock, get rid of it. If you will keep the junk it simply means that you bought it with the intention of eating and that what you will do. If you oppose throwing out the things, then just simply donate your sugar, caned item etc. to the food bank.

Use this above tips as best as you can. A couple of years ago I noticed that junk food makes its way slowly to your home. So I decided to recheck that what we have recollected. I got many items that we were still using. But, I found it hard to throw away. So, I posted all the items to the neighborhood Facebook page and you will not believe how quickly all the items gone! I know it’s not good to pass on your junk food to someone else. But, I remember a saying one man junk food is another man’s treasure. Everyone has their own way to maintain their health so it’ your choices if you are stronger than me then just throw it away.

Tip #2- Collect an arsenal of healthy recipes

Having a collection of recipes for not only our main meal but also for snakes is good to keep you prepared. Many Pinterest boards are available containing recipes for your health, but a recipe box can work better for you. Be sure to have only healthy recipes at one place.

Tip # 3: Plan, plan, plan

It’s the fact that if you are failing to plan you are planning to fail this is also true with your nutrition. If you go to the grocery store without any plan, you will come with the home with the things you don’t need or the things you shouldn’t forget.

To be Continued…

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