How Does Chronic Inflammation Occur?

It’s important to understand that inflammation is part of the body’s healing process.  Whenever there is tissue or cellular damage, the immune and circulatory systems work together to rush blood and immune cells to the area of concern to assist in reparation and healing.  Inflammation doesn’t necessarily mean there is an infection.  What it does mean is that something is harming or irritating a certain part of the body.  Inflammation is the body’s biological response to fix the problem.

In healthy bodies, inflammation is a temporary response.  Problems occur when inflammation is prolonged.  In severe cases, inflammation can last for several months or even years.  When this happens the body continues to think there are problems in the area of concern.  This leads to the body attacking itself, which continues producing an inflammatory response.  When this happens, a person has chronic inflammation.  While the body is trying to repair itself, it’s also damaging itself at the same time.  Chronic inflammation leads to a number of diseases because of the perpetual damage taking place.  These diseases include hay fever, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.  Because it silent and progresses slowly, chronic inflammation can go on for years undetected until the damage becomes too great and the body can no longer function correctly.


● Addresses root cause

● Helps reduce inflammation

● Promotes healing and repair

● Promotes immune health


How to Stop Chronic Inflammation

To reverse chronic inflammation and heal tissue and cellular damage, it’s important to look at the root causes.  Chronic inflammation is often triggered by stress and cellular dysfunction due to damaged tissue that is not able to repair itself.  Managing stress levels strengthens and improves the immune and circulatory systems.  Cellular dysfunction occurs due to poor nutrition, especially lack of important micronutrients the body needs to create healthy cells that act normally.  Poor nutrition includes excessive calorie consumption, high sugar intake and over eating foods high in unhealthy fats.

In addition to providing nutritional guidance and recommendations on reducing stress, Phytotherapi provides tools that support the body’s ability natural healing capabilities.  These tools include Phytotherapi Inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress and Essential Therapi.  Phytotherapi Inflammation helps the body reduce stress on areas where tissue is inflamed and damage.  This allows the body to trigger the mechanism that decreases and eliminates inflammation.  Because stress plays a role in impairing healthy immune system function, Phytotherapi Stress is used to bring down stress levels, supporting the body’s ability to strengthen healthy immune system activity.  Essential Therapi is a supplement that contains all the trace minerals our body needs in order to provide the cells the tools required to repair, regenerate and heal.