How To Strengthen Your Bones



As we all know, there are over 200 bones in a human body which is a good thing because without bones nobody can move and can do nothing. Bones gives solidity in body by which human beings have mobility in body. So it’s important that we have to keep our bones healthy to be strong and healthy.

Here we see that how to keep our bones healthy? Here we have to consider a few things. Firstly, add calcium in your diet because calcium is very necessary for bones that our bones partly made up of calcium. Calcium helps bones to be strong. Now I know that what you are thinking. All have a common misconception that drinking lots of milk may strengthen the bones and so we do it regularly. It is true that milk has lots of calcium, but it is not necessary that it is the healthy way to go and it is not only the foods that have high levels of calcium. In fact, dairy products and pasteurized milk actually do damage more than good because they create an inflammatory response in the body due to synthetic hormones and excess antibiotics given to cows. So, there are more other healthier ways to get your daily calcium.

There are many other good sources of calcium that don’t have any negative side effects and don’t cause inflammation. Collard green leaves, broccoli and nuts are nutritious and good calcium source. These provide calcium and many other nutrients to the body. Nut milk, almond milk also contains a good amount of calcium. They provide a number of health benefits and are fantastic alternatives of cow’s milk. But if you still want cow’s milk, then you will have organic, raw and unpasteurized milk that do not cause inflammation. Overall nutrition is important for overall health and bone health. Not only calcium that keeps stronger bones. To avoid bone illness and to keep them strong a well balanced diet is important. To keep our cells nourished and strong to eat 5 times a day (3 main and 2 snacks) is important but do not overeat. Overeating can cause many problems which can cause problems with bones eventually and eating disorders may cause bone loss. Red meat is acidic and if you are eating it, then eat it sparingly. If we eat it too much the body will command the bones to donate its calcium to avoid any poisons created by looking to normalizing the pH levels in our body.

If a doctor has been suggested you a surgery, always keep in mind that surgeries are done for bone disorders that can affect the ability of the body to absorb calcium and other important nutrient and remember that our body constantly repair and regenerate themselves. Our bones become new due to mitosis, all cellular work and mitosis needs nutrition because without this it is extremely difficult to repair and regenerate for our cells.

Nutrition is very important, but that’s not the only thing which we remember in taking care of our bones. Exercise helps in keeping the bones strong and slow down the bone loss in later years, Study says. Risk of osteoporosis is higher in an inactive person than a person who exercises regularly. And for strengthening bone’s weight-bearing exercises are great. These exercises help to be on our feet and pushing against gravity. Dancing, jumping rope, brisk walking, hiking, stair climbing and sports such as basketball and soccer are some examples of these exercises. For increasing bone strength weightlifting is great but always remember do not over do it and light weight lifting is beneficial for exercise. If you are not doing exercise currently then start your exercise with simple light weight lifts or start walking 10-20 minutes around your neighborhood.

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