Hormone Issues

How Hormones Work

Hormones are specialized, complex molecules that are produced by glands. Glands, and the hormones they produce, are all part of the endocrine system. Hormones regulate and coordinate physiological activities such as sleep, metabolic functions, energy distribution, movement, reproduction and mood/emotion among other things. They act as a major form of communication between organs in our body. Hormones bind to receptors in cellular membranes. Genes in the cell are then activated depending on the message the hormone is carrying.

Hormone conditions occur when the glands that produce them become unhealthy. Since glands are activated by the brain, stress has a negative impact on the gland’s ability to produce the right amount of hormones.


• Address the root cause

• Correct hormone production

• Restore energy levels

• Heal and repair glands

• Alleviate stress

Correcting Hormonal Issues

Phytotherapi Hormone, Phytotherapi Stress, Essential Therapi and PM Night Capsules are used together to address hormonal issues. Phytotherapi Hormone stimulates the endocrine system to produce the right amount of hormones our bodies need to function. It also restores the balance of energy and body temperature that is compromised when hormone issues occur. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes, allowing it to pass through the brain barrier to switch off stressors, balance the biochemistry of the brain and relax neurons on alert. Essential Therapi provides the nutrients needed for the body to heal and repair any damaged glands. Since sleep is required for reparation of the glands, and since sleep deprivation is a common symptom in hormonal issues, PM Sleep Capsules are also part of the solution. PM Night Capsules contain GABA, an important amino acid that favors healthy sleep.