Emotional And Physical Aging



The body has the amazing ability to restore. Simply, our body is constantly rebuilding itself.  We all know that our body’s ability to rebuild and regenerate is limited. Natural aging occurs as our body goes through mitosis. It is a process of dividing cells and creating fresh cells to replace a dying one. Every time cells divide an addition at the chromosomes called the telomerase shortens every time mitosis occurs. In the end the telomerase is reduced in very small size that cells can no longer renew and we die. Even though this is how our bodies were designed to age, there are other factors that accelerate telomerase reduction, leading to premature aging.

Cell Inflammation

We can say that there are around five hundred genes in each cell that can trigger out an inflammatory response. Micro environmental changes can occur because of change in temperature, infection, physical trauma, toxicity or the imbalance of hormones or neurotransmitters caused by chronic stress. Other reasons like habits or behaviors such as eating unhealthy, not taking enough hours sleep, lack of physical activity or omitting meals are also responsible for microenvironment.

Because of these changes, the specific genes are activated by cells that are called upon the mobilization of millions of immune cells in an effort to mitigate and resolve the issues. In general, the inflammatory reaction is acute; meaning is that the immune cells will remove the danger causing the change in micro environment. After removing the danger inflammation ends and all comes back to normal. Basically, that is the process of healing. The process takes place all the time with numerous biochemical activities.

In case if the microenvironment doesn’t comes back to normal then inflammatory reactions keeps on going, resulting in chronic inflammation. Under this situation cells are in environment of chaos becomes unable to maintain the equilibrium and homeostasis. This starts early aging. It can be manifested through how we metabolize food, lack of energy, memory loss, insomnia and difficulty in facing the challenges of everyday life. Chronic inflammation also results in damaged organs, the signs are often revealed on our skin. That is why sometimes we look physically much older than our real age.

Emotional Aging

Emotional aging is also related to our mind. Basically, it depends on our thoughts. We have developed a lot in the field of neuroscience and now, it is clear that the thought produced by us or every concept that we learn is stored as a molecule in our neurons. Anything that repeats is stored in a new neuron. This process results in the creation of a web of neurons which is capable to fire off and create circuitry or networks that keeps on strengthening each other. The neuron circuitry creation is a powerful tool that is used to learn and understand the complex subjects.

Carrying negative thoughts converts this wonderful learning and memory tool into an activation mechanism for strong emotions like fear, jealousy and other strong negative emotions. Because of these negative emotions chemical changes takes place that results in change of cell’s micro environment. The brain starts to activate inflammation in an effort to solve the problem. During this complete process the neocortex of the brain that stores logic monitors our emotions to make sure they don’t take control. As we find way out, that the brain and neurons are renewed and we achieve homeostasis.

If we do not changed and strong emotions persistently say our state of mind, unwanted substance are left behind, becoming a part of the brain. This causes inner irritation and lack of imbalance in hormone production. It can also damage other parts of our brain. Due to this we will have to face many problems like sleeping disorder, stressful situation, mental and emotional problems such as high level of nervousness. Consequently, our cell age quicker as telomerase reduction accelerates, digestive and immune system weaken, causing to a domino effect of disease in many parts of the body.

Chronic Stress

The major variable in emotional health and well being is anxiety. Chronic stress is a paralyzing disease. It generally happen when we experience a constant stream of unreconciled stressful events. The outstanding impact of these events leave us stuck in strong emotions, activating the amygdala and basal ganglia. When they are continually activated the capability for the neocortex to bring truth and in results the limbic section of our brain become blocked. So it’s very important to know because the limbic section is where conscious thought resides.

The relationship between the limbic section and the neocortex of the brain plays a important role in our ability to think innovatively. The more and more interaction between the limbic and neocortex affects the personal growth. Without this relationship we are not able to see how difficult times can present opportunities for learning and growth.

To Be Continued…

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