Digestive Issues

What Causes Digestive Problems?

For a good health it is must to take nutritious food. The nutrients formed from digested food are absorbed by the intestine. These nutrients are actually responsible to repair and regenerate cells in body also they removes poisonous elements. Approximately 70% of the immune system exists in digestive region. Unhealthy digestive system forces to compromise with body defenses. The people who have problems in digestive system should do a change in balance.

Bacterial population can be balanced by digestive system if our neural system is healthy. Stress for long time can create disabilities in central and peripheral nervous system. And it leads to colitis and weakness of the nervous system, metabolic changes, acid reflux and also causes eating disabilities.



• Address the root cause

• Alleviate discomfort

• Restore bacterial balance

• Heal damaged tissue

• Alleviate stress


Alleviating and Healing Digestive Issues

Phytotherapi’s Digestive Solution is the therapy to overcome digestive issues. Phytotherapi consist of phytotherapi Digestion and Phytotherapi Stress with essential therapy. Out of which Phytotherapi Digestion is made up of powerful antioxidants which can rapidly enters in the cell membrane. Phytotherapi stress consist of sesquiterpenes that permits it to pass through brain barrier to balance our brain chemistry and millions of neurons that are responsible for continous alert process goes in rest when we have a stressfull experience. Nutrients needed for regeneration is provided by the essential Therapi .