Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a continuous and ongoing issue that takes place when you are ill. With chronic pain, sickness is generally found in neck, nerves and back. Pain is noticeable when the tissue damage takes place. You may experience pain due to the stimulation of the peripheral nerve fiber. The continuous pain increases stress in the body which later results in the other issues.



• Address the root cause

• Relieve pain

• Heal damaged tissue

• Remove inflammation

• Alleviate stress



Alleviating Pain at the Root

Some therapies like phytotherapi pain, Phytotherapi Inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress and essential therapies works to address the root causes of the chronic pain to heal it. The combination of various petrochemicals in phytotherapi pain helps to relieve pain and start to heal the damaged tissues. Inflammation is always there with trauma, when there is inflammation for long period it can cause other diseases such as arthritis. Phytotherapi inflammation lowers down the stress which helps to remove the inflammation. Stress is also a reason that increases chronic pain and become the cause of inflammation. Phytotherapi also used to balance the biochemistry in the brain which decreases the stress. Pain affected areas are always consist of damaged tissues. Essential therapy is used, which provides the needed amount of correct mineral nutrition for cellular regeneration.