Chronic Infection

Infection and the Immune System

Invasion of microorganisms is one of the basic and most common reasons of Infection. Bacteria, virus, fungi and bacteria multiply in all tissues and organs. The microorganisms or microbes don’t create any trouble for our body unless they go off balance. The body doesn’t allow them to travel inside the body that’s why they live in some specific parts of our body. Those all microorganisms coexist in a symbiotic relationship. The food we eat becomes the nutrient source for them. In return of those nutrients they provide some beneficial byproducts for our body. The balance amount of microbes in our body can increase the responsiveness of our immune system as well as they also increase the body’s internal defense system.

High level stress can create trouble for our immune system. Stress weakens the immune system and imbalance the microorganisms level in our body. Using synthetic antibiotics can also be the problem for us as it kills off all bacteria. It worsens the condition by allowing infectious microorganisms to become stronger through building up a resistance to antibiotics used.


• Address the root cause

• Kill pathogens

• Restore immune system

• Eliminate reinfection

• Heal damaged tissues and cells

• Alleviate stress

Eliminating Infection and Reinfection

Phytotherapi Immune, Phytotherapi Infection, Phytotherapi Stress and Renewal Therapi are used to reduce the infection and to reinforce the body.
Phytotherapi Infection kills bacteria that have encapsulated themselves. It also eliminates the possibility of reinfection. Phytotherapi Immune restores the immune system and strengthens up the body. Phytotherapi Stress restores bacterial equilibrium by relieving you from chronic stress. By restoring cellular signaling and communication, Renewal Therapi helps to regenerate the tissues and also maintains its functioning.