Battling Cancer

Fighting cancer goes beyond the physical battle the cancer patient faces and includes the emotions of the person and their loved ones. Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow uncontrollably. As these cells continue to proliferate they take away nutrients from other cells, leaving healthy ones malnourished and without the proper resources to function properly. As cancerous cells continue to grow they destroy many tissues, leaving the body unable to sustain life. This destruction is many times accelerated due to the emotional impact a cancer diagnosis has on a person. Thus cancer really has two parts to it – on the one hand there is the physical aspect of what’s occurring at a cellular level; on the other hand is the stress and physiological impact this disease brings with it.


• Helps the body heal

• Strengthens immune

• Detoxifies

• Provides essential

• Relieves stress

Conquering Cancer

Although receiving the news that one has cancer is difficult, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The body has the ability to conquer this battle. Diet, lifestyle, stress and genetics all play a factor in how well and how quickly the body is able to fight cancer. Certain phytochemicals have been shown to help the body heal, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, maintain proper digestion and detoxification, and keep insulin at healthy levels. It’s important to note that there have been numerous studies that also show a strong connection between emotion and disease. It is important then to ensure that stress levels remain as low as possible in the face of this adversity.

All of these areas are addressed with Phytotherapi’s approach to helping cancer patients. Our solution includes Phytotherapi Cancer, Phytotherapi Detox, Phytotherapi Digestion, Essential Therapi, Renewal Therapi and Phytotherapi Stress. Phytotherapi Cancer contains a special blend of phytochemicals to help the body’s ability to fight cancer and promote healthy bodily function. It is helps the body heal from the negative side effects that occur when undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Phytotherapi Detox removes the toxins in the tissues that will be present as the body fights cancer and looks to repair and regenerate healthy cells to replace the cancerous ones. Phytotherapi Digestion restores the balance of bacteria in the digestive system for healthy metabolic activity, to help ensure the nutrition your body receives is used. Essential Therapi provides the cellular nutrition the body needs to repair damage in the body. Renewal Therapi restores the body’s proper signaling and communication between cells. This allows the body to effectively use all the tools it has to heal, repair and regenerate from cancer damage.

To help with the mental and emotional damage cancer can cause Phytotherapi Stress is used. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes extracted from plants. This allows it to pass through the brain’s barrier and brings balance to the brain’s biochemistry. This in turn relaxes the neurons that go on alert whenever we feel stress for a prolonged period of time. By minimizing and alleviating stress energy is distributed in appropriate way to the immune, digestive and endocrine systems – all which play an important role in helping the body battle and heal from cancer.