Inflammation is a immune system mechanism which is turned on during the healing process of our body. Inflammation occurs, when a body feels any type of physical suffering such as a burn, cut, infection, and toxic overload, damage of any tissue or any organ or exposure to poison. Inflammation process […]

inflammation & immune system

There are many commonly known digestive problems includes inflammation, colitis, constipation, gastritis, reflux and celiac disease. Digestive issues can cause many problems like extra fat around the small intestine and pancreas as well as food allergies and even cancer. There are a number of factors that contains: Chronic stress- Never […]

Causes of Digestive Disorders

The Power Of Gratitude
Over the years, scientists have carried out a number of researches to know the  subjective factors that affect our health. One common thing which is found and acknowledged in all these researches is the significance of gratitude. One simple definition of gratitude is that it is the quality of being […]

Power of Gratitude

cell division mitosis 2
If someone asks you about how old your body is then how would you respond?  Whenever I ask this question to others, they get a bit confused because of the way the question is framed. To ask someone how old your body is, is a much different question than asking how […]

Cell division mitosis and Illness

personality and health
Optimist or pessimist, good humor or serious nature, sports oriented or inactive. Does our personality and attitude affect the healing? Is it true that our characteristics can affect our health? Research says emotions and health are related to each other. We can understand the relation between disease and emotions by […]

Personality And Health

Migraine Therpy At Modern Family Wellness
A chronic condition of pain that produces a high level of sensitivity from sound, light or smell is known as Migraine. Its symptoms can be identified by chronic headaches that are associated with only one side of the brain. In some cases even thoughts can cause everlasting unbearable headache. The […]

Migraine – A Neurological Illness

Imagine a country with having population over 60 trillions. How is it governed? Which level of governmental system can keep this country in order? There are many factors we can consider. Definitely, it would require a lot of order to avoid chaos. As Like government our body is also very […]

Hormonal Imbalance

The importance to sleep and its relationship with our physiological and emotional health is well known, both scientifically and clinically. An adult needs to sleep 7-8 hours where as children need 9-10 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy. Insufficient sleep creates serious mental and physiological damage. These damages […]

Why Sleep is Essential For Us?

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with feelings. Obviously for some it’s a day connected with feelings of love or caring for others. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can also be associated with feelings of aloneness or disdain for some, depending on what their understanding has been. I wanted to write something to […]

Effect Of Emotions On Health