Benefits Of Exercise Other Than Physical Appearance


point_8 Exercise is the very necessary for our good health and it is marketed successfully throughout the world. According to 2013 published report, fitness and health industry generates seventy five billion per year on worldwide level. Anything from walking, dancing, and home based workout, aerobics, yoga etc are all promoted a healthy lifestyle. Some people generally think that the exercise we do only for the physical health. However when we see the benefits of it beyond physical appearance, it impact brain function as well. Research also shows that the fitness level of your body is directly connected with your anxiety management abilities. How can you manage your stress level during difficult times? Physical activity is the best tool that you can use to improve your brain and body functionality. When you do exercise with the healthy nutrition, restful night and proper stress management you are providing you’re the best environment it require for the stability and homeostasis. These all keeps your body balanced and help you to live your life in healthy way. The mixture of this healthy lifestyle gives benefits to the brain that play a very important role such as motivation, learning, memory, attention and desire. Here is a spy of how exercise is beneficial and impacts brain functions. As more as we do physical activity brain increases the production of neurotransmitters – specifically Serotonin and Gaba. These are acting as a inhibitive chemicals, helps in providing calmness feeling, help in brining into balanced state. They generally regulate brain stem function and it will help in better performance and communication between the limbic regions of the brain and the neocortex section of our brain. It is very important because the limbic and amygdala regions create level of strong emotions or excitement while the neocortex communicates facts, truth, reason and logic. There is just one way of creation and satiability of neurotransmitters that supports a healthy mind. Some more benefits are:

  • BDNF production – It is a chemical. The production of this chemical increases in the cerebellum with the exercise.
  • LTP firing – LTP means long-term potentiation. As LTP fires off new neuron cells and are able to make connections to the existing network in our brain and helps in creating new neuron circuitry and in speeding up the cellular signaling.
  • Production of important proteins – Exercise helps in producing proteins like IGF1, FGF2 and VEGF. These are the proteins that help the ability of the body to recover, heal and reduce anxiety. Also, they help in the development of new blood vessels and capillaries to the brain (angiogenesis).
  • Regulate pain – Exercise helps in producing a neurotransmitter known as anadamide that helps the body and brain in managing pain, mood and pleasure.
  • Reduces anxiety – Production of hormone are increased by physical activity. The hormone produced is known as ANP that helps in reducing anxiety.

It’s important to know that our body is designed to manage stress. We live in the society where we think that we don’t have enough time. Even when we get the time for ourselves we get too many emails, social media posts and messages on our mobile and on other devices. These kinds of social changes create more stress in our days and all these affects our brain. Unless we are aware of our surroundings all of this leads to ongoing stress that later becomes chronic in nature. Later, hormones and neurotransmitters are produced in insufficient amounts that lead to a biological imbalance. This imbalance of hormones results in reducing the brain’s ability to perform in a healthy way. How healthy brain functions well under these conditions? To get the answer of this question we must first keep in mind the significant role that prefrontal cortex of the brain plays. Prefrontal cortex is the key part in the circuitry creation. As it creates circuitry, the prefrontal cortex uses social cognition, includes our ability to establish healthy relationships with everybody from loved ones to co workers, and even with casual connections.

To Be Continued…

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