Arthritic Pain

Arthritis refers to pain and inflammation that is caused by trauma, autoimmune problems and/or infection. The biggest impediment is the joint pain that accompanies arthritis. With rheumatic arthritis, the body’s immune cells attack the joints. Osteoarthritis and an unhealthy diet can also cause quick wear and tear of the joints. An autoimmune response is one of the major causes of the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. At the root of the problem is stress. When the body feels stress, hormones are released that change the way our immune system responds. Prolonged stress means the immune system continues to work incorrectly.


• Address the root cause

• Heal arthritic damage

• Remove inflammation

• Heal and repair cells

• Alleviate stress

Arthritic Relief

Phytotherapi Arthritis, Phytotherapi Inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress, Essential Therapi and Renewal Therapi are the solution for arthritis. Phytotherapi Arthritis contains a combination of phytochemicals extracted from various plants and yields a biological response that allows our body to start healing itself. Phytotherapi Inflammation reduces stress on the tissues affected, leading to removal of inflammation. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes, allowing it to pass through the brain barrier to balance the biochemistry of the brain and relax neurons on alert. Essential Therapi provides the nutrients needed for the body to heal and repair any damaged glands. Essential Therapi provides the nutrients needed for the body to heal and repair cellular damage in the joints. Renewal Therapi allows proper regeneration and function of tissues by restoring cellular signaling and communication.