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Sleep is a very important part of our life. In reality, we spend a third part of our life in sleeping. If we are spending that much time in sleeping this mean this is really very important for our body. Here are some of the reasons.

Most of the things make their own way into our body every day. Out of these things few are good like having food, breath, learning etc. On the other hand some toxics like sudden temperature, synthetic chemicals, environmental and emotional changes in positively as well as negatively affect the body. Due to such internal changes, our body getting helps to perform various activities.

Reparation is also a part of this process. It is necessary for both inside and outside our cells. This whole process may take lots of time, and some mechanisms takes place within our body have to shut down such as for cleaning, repair and regeneration to occur. This all takes place at the time of sleeping.

Even though we may not understand it, sleep is truly a very complex activity of the brain. The process of being awake/ conscious or dreaming/ sleeping must be regulated. Specific areas of the brain called reticular formation. It is playing very important role in this whole regulation process, and these all actions are controlled by the hypothalamus. Whether this process wasn’t regulated we would go to sleep and never wake up.

In this homeostatic activity, certain groups of chemicals and neurons are involved which is produced in the brain. During projection and connection, the cycle of sleep to awake are controlled. This cycle creates a day or night cycle which is started by the pineal gland in the brain. This pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin, a derivative of tryptophan. The production of this hormone is stimulated by darkness and inhibited light. Photosynthetic cells is present in the retina notice the absence of light, it will give a direct signal to the brain that transfer the signal to the pineal gland. After such whole process the body can start preparing for sleep and after this melatonin is released in the brain. This process takes some time after sunset. If this activity is going correctly then we fall asleep within few minutes of putting our heads on the pillow.

When we sleep the brain continue to work. There are several cleansing and reparation that needs to be done for our approximately sixty trillion cells. The following processes that are happen in the brain while we sleep.

Unwanted material removed from brain

A bunch of unwanted things is created as a natural result of the brain’s activities including; Metabolism, regeneration, repairs, and stress produce toxins. A number of toxins, such as Beta-amyloid, can be detached twice as quickly at the time of sleep cycle. A complete night of deep sleep doubles the clearance of this hazardous toxin as well as other toxins we produce during the stress. Toxins are detached by the cells known as glial cells.

To Be Continued…

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